Versatile 4 Suite Acco
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  • Location : Cairns QLD
  • Quantity :

$75,000.00 AUD and $45,000.00 Paid in Trade dollars
Great income earner, place it on your vacate site and collect.
Price does not include transportation.

Veranda extensions can be placed to individual requirements and is a simple exercise though it will entail extra work and time. The verandahs are of a light construction but large roof area and require more restraint than the central building and this will entail a post or pedestal every 3000 in length of veranda fitted.

The unit will generally weigh about 22,000kg all up and can be transported by road and delivered to site by a standard side loader.

If using a normal semi-trailer you will need the services of a crane on-site to remove the unit from the truck.


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