Private Marketing Consultation
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  • Location : English Speaking Countries
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Almost every business owner I meet has or have had questions about their marketing, advertising, marketing plans, Internet marketing or how to market their products, services, practice or solutions more profitably?

Need to ask a few questions about market plans, marketing strategy, direct marketing, direct mail, advertising campaigns or Internet marketing?

Want a review or analysis of your current marketing campaign, Website or Internet marketing?

Hey, I’m a marketing geek - I love marketing - can't get enough marketing - and I’m always happy to “talk marketing, advertising and business” with you. Just give me a call now – 248-335-8080

By the way, I’m a little (OK alot) different than most other marketing firms because I answer my own phone. Of course, if I’m on it or not here, I don't. But, if you leave your number, I’ll call you back. I know it's old-fashioned, but I think it's kind of refreshing, don't you?

Need more business?
If you're serious, you may want to find out how I help firms increase their marketing campaign response and generate more sales.

Because that's what I’m all about - increasing response and closing more deals.

When people ask what I do, I simply say, “I MAKE YOUR PHONE RING.”

And I can help make your phone ring - more often - and improve the quality of your inquiries.

Please give me a call now 248-335-8080 - and let's talk today!

To your continued success,
Sandy Barris "The Measurable Marketing Madman"

Sandy Barris

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